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Sri Shithi Vinayagar Thevasthanam (Harrow)

Notice for the Devotees

Based on the Government guidance, it is essential that you follow the following rules and regulations and take note of the signage around the temple.

1 If you have a new, continuous cough or a high temperature or loss of or change to sense of smell or taste, please do not come to temple.
2 As per Government guidance on people aged over 70s to self-isolate. We very much hope that the situation will return to normal very soon.
3 All should enter through the front door marked “Enter” and exit through the side door marked “EXIT”.
4 Wearing a face mask is essential when entering the temple. Disposable face masks can be purchase at the ticketing counter for £1.00.
5 You may use the chairs laid outside the temple, if you cannot stand in the queue. No chairs are available inside the temple.
6 You need to use alcohol free hand sanitiser or wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds as soon as you enter and exit the temple.
7 You can buy the tickets as soon as you enter the temple, write the names and stars at the back of the ticket.
8 You can stand and pray within the marked areas inside the temple in order to maintain social distancing at all the times.
9 Please use the pen from the marked box and place it in the other marked box when you finished writing.
10 You should stay 6 feet away from the priests. Please leave the tickets on the table without saying names; it should be written at the back of the ticket. Archanai will be done at the end of the pooja. The priest will not give any forms of prasathams including Viboothi, flowers or Theertham. You can pick up a pre-packed Viboothi on your way out if you wish.
11 You are not allowed to bring anything to the temple apart from fresh flowers which you should place in the box by the door. Please take the bag with you if you use any to bring the flowers.
12 In order to help neighbours, you are not allowed to talk loudly while you wait inside or outside the temple. You should maintain 6 feet distancing at all times.
13 Avoid touching any surfaces like door handles, rails, windows, floor, etc or things like bhajan books.
14 Under current circumstances we are only allowing you to spend a maximum of 15 minutes inside the temple.
15 You should stay together in the marked area with members of your household only.
16 Based on the current situation, we will not serve food at the temple until further notice.
17 Please put all the things you USED, e.g. any bags you brought, tissues, disposable cups, etc. in the bin rather than leaving someone to pick them up for you.


Trustees, Priests, Volunteers of S.S.V.T


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Shrines In The Temple

Charity Projects in the Homeland

Our temple undertakes the following projects:

In the homeland, those who have suffered as a result of the Tsunami are given aid via the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation. Women impacted by the Civil War are given sewing machines amongst other necessities. People effected by the floods given aide via the Saiva British Organisation. Orphans who have lost their parents as a result of the Civil War (24 female students and 6 male students) for the past three years have been housed under Yaal/ Kanagathiram Mathya Maha Vithyaalayam (Stanley college). Moreover, we have been funding the supplies for all the necessary items they require to study and live.

The committee have decided that until the students finish their higher education to the standard of A Levels the temple would continuously support them.

To support these students, we have been sending them £780 every month.

For the students living in the housing it is necessary that they participate in extra curriculum and sports activities. To help the students take part we have sent extra money for sports equipment’s amongst other things.

In 2016, for the 30 students living in the housing, the committee sent over £2000 to buy new clothes and mosquito nets on Tamil New Years.

Moreover, we have decided on funding 20/30 children who have lost their parents as a result of the Civil War.

With the co-operation of the devotees we hope to undertake more projects like this for the needs of our people back home.

Peoples work is God’s work



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