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Post: Hindu Religious Workers                                              

Shri Sithi Vinayagar Thevasthanam is seeking two Hindu Religious workers to assist the Minister of religion (Chief priest) to perform daily poojas for the Hindu devotees. The candidates must have undergone training under the reputable Saiva Hindu Organisation. Applicants must have a minimum of 6 months experience and must be a strict vegetarian. You should have the right attitude and take pride in making sure everyone who comes to the temple feels happier when they return home.

Duties Include:                                                                                                       

1)  Assisting other priests leading Hindu Pooja and prayers regularly in and out of the premises.
2)  Proven experience in making flower garland, decorating the deities and preparing Holy foods for rituals offerings.
3)  Maintaining the sanctum.
4)  Offering counseling and welfare support to the faithful members

Duration: 2 years contract

Salary: £1360.32 per month + pension.  In addition to the salary, Religious workers will be provided free food and accommodation. Other terms and conditions will be informed along with the offer.

Closing date: 23-03-2020

Please send your application with CV to General Secretary of the Temple or send your application by Email  to:

General Secretary:
Shri Sithi Vinayagar Thevasthanam (Harrow)
Unit B, Rear off  59 Station Road,